K–12 books and activities

Esri Press books help promote spatial analysis and awareness in young learners. See how these tools can apply both inside and outside the classroom.

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Higher education resources

Teaching with Esri Press books means you have access to tools designed to help you successfully adopt new textbooks. Your students also benefit from additional options when course materials include an Esri Press book.

Ebook rentals

Ebook rentals give your students a cost-effective option for their course materials and allow you to include multiple books in a course, at a discount off the list price.

Desk copy requests

To help educators quickly and easily evaluate our books, all Esri Press ebooks can be accessed for free online, with no limit on how many you review.


Students who choose to rent or purchase select e-textbooks can access a 180-day ArcGIS software trial, regardless of the rental period.

ArcGIS trial

Our most popular titles include a 180-day trial of ArcGIS software, so your students can complete their coursework wherever they are.

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