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What is a geospatial cloud?

Cloud platforms and geographic information systems (GIS) software together give businesses the ability to analyze massive amounts of information. The resultant location intelligence often reveals deeper insights and innovative ways to increase efficiency. A geospatial cloud empowers you to analyze complex datasets on easy-to-understand smart maps, which can then be used by anyone in your organization to visualize and monitor important trends across lines of business and take action in mission-focused projects. A geospatial cloud also allows location intelligence data to be easily combined with artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to map out ways to drive productivity or adjust strategies before bigger problems develop.

With a geospatial cloud, you can create maps that represent thousands of relationships between hundreds of layers of data on demographics, sales, population growth, likely customers, competitors, supply chains, delivery routes, and countless other variables.

The concept of a geospatial cloud introduces a whole new scale of location intelligence, and organizations of every size are using it to break new ground and digitally transform.

The Esri Geospatial Cloud

Esri is the global leader in geospatial cloud solutions with flexible tools, apps, and data that puts its power within reach of nearly everyone in an organization. Whether your team works in the corporate office or is mobile and works remotely, everyone is connected. Widespread accessibility protects against information silos and empowers wider sharing of knowledge across the organization.

The Esri Geospatial Cloud enables national, state, and local governments to map critical issues, from health to crime to utility lines. It supports the work of nongovernmental organizations involved in environmental issues, addressing social justice concerns and crisis response for natural disasters. The Esri Geospatial Cloud offers scalable location intelligence from a single building to a city, state, country, or the entire globe.

The Esri Geospatial Cloud has empowered governments, nonprofits, and hundreds of Fortune 500 companies to run more efficiently and make better decisions. 

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What can the Esri Geospatial Cloud do for you?

Market research firm Forrester named Esri a leader in location intelligence in its 2018 report on location intelligence platforms.

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