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Esri AEC GIS Heroes

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Esri AEC heroes inspire

GIS heroes are GIS champions. They have gained respect from AEC industry colleagues who see them as problem solvers. They inspire others to imagine how GIS can help them do their work better. Join us in celebrating these industry leaders who are making a difference every day at their organizations.

Bridget Brown | HDR

Bridget Brown is a vice president and director of HDR’s geospatial and information management program. She has helped grow HDR’s GIS practice into one that is recognized industry-wide through a focus on hiring exceptional GIS experts and matching them with clients in need. She is leading the “GoingPro" initiative to transition HDR's 1,500 GIS users to ArcGIS Pro and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). She also leads GIS modernization efforts with her clients, supporting impactful disruption while improving efficiencies. Bridget's leadership philosophy is to encourage open dialogue. She believes that honest conversations, including different perspectives, lead to smarter decisions.

Portrait of Bridget Brown smiling in a light blue shirt with a warm yellow background

Sheng Tan | Wood Rodgers, Inc.

Sheng Tan is a certified GIS professional with 26 years of experience. He has honed his skills in the engineering, environmental consulting, and homebuilding industries. As a director of GIS, Sheng is constantly looking for opportunities to digitally transform business operations using geospatial technologies that improve efficiencies and productivity. His GIS knowledge is well rounded and encompasses various aspects of analysis and technologies including desktop, server, web, and mobile. Sheng is also a member of the GIS advisory council for the American River College GIS program, a local community college in the Sacramento area.

Sheng Tan wearing a blue dress shirt cropped in a circle overlaid on a blue-green rectangle with graphic elements

Janine Latham | Weston Solutions, Inc.

Janine Latham, GISP, is a geospatial technical director and geospatial strategy leader with 21 years of experience in the AEC industry. She finds great joy in transforming Weston’s business operations by unlocking the innovative power of location technology across the organization. Janine sees the connections behind the where, how, and why and aspires to better our environment and communities using science and technology. She also led emergency response time-critical projects to address some of the nation’s largest natural disasters, including Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and the 2018 Camp Fire.

Portrait of Janine Latham smiling in a dark blue blouse against a golden yellow background within a round border

Hesham Gaafar | Gleeds

Hesham is an AEC technologist and digital twin evangelist. He helps AEC professionals leverage geospatial technologies to increase the efficiency of work processes. In addition to his master’s degree research on a modern GIS-based framework for data management in civil engineering projects, he is a certified BIM professional from the British Research Establishment. Hesham dedicates his skills and software development experience to best use GIS and BIM integration. He has participated in multiple GIS and BIM projects integrating location intelligence with the latest technologies like VR, AR, and IoT.

Portrait of Hesham Gafaar smiling in a striped blue and white shirt against a golden yellow background within a round border

Jon Brown | Arcadis

Jon has 20 years of GIS industry experience focusing on how geospatial data and location intelligence can support data-driven AEC decision making and provide a spatial context to infrastructure projects. As a strategic thinker, he understands the importance of building consensus across teams and influencing executive leadership for digital transformation. Jon knows how to empower his team to maximize their impact through the creation of award winning and innovative applications from digital risk registers to BIM-GIS integration.

Portrait of Jon Brown smiling in a dark blue plaid shirt against a golden yellow background within a round border

Sid Pandey | Dewberry Engineers Inc.

Sid Pandey is a senior associate and geospatial technology manager at Dewberry Engineers Inc. With over six years of experience helping others leverage geospatial technology, Sid provides support and guidance to professionals across Dewberry’s service lines with geospatial solutions tailored to their subject matter. Sid serves as vice-chair on URISA’s Vanguard Cabinet, supporting emerging geospatial professionals, encouraging them to be active in the industry and providing them with mentorship, networking, and professional development opportunities.

Sid Pandey smiling in a white collared shirt and black blazer within a round golden border on an abstract blue background

Dan Boudreau | GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.

Dan has over 30 years of GIS experience. As a certified GIS professional and the geospatial systems lead with GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc., he drives innovation by employing Esri’s enterprise, desktop, web, and mobile technology. GIS is the backbone for many technical practices and client sectors, serving as a system of record, a system of engagement, and a system for developing and delivering services and technical solutions. Dan is passionate about GIS and active in the community of GIS professionals. He is currently also the chairperson for the Geographic Information System Certification Institute (GISCI) Outreach Committee.

Dan Boudreau in a white button up shirt and black suit jacket with a red tie

Past GIS heroes

  • Portrait of Zach Jaffe smiling in a gray and white suit with a sunlit glass building surrounded by lush foliage in the background
    GIS Hero 2021

    Zach Jaffe | LandTech Consultants Inc.

    GIS Coordinator

    Zach works diligently at implementing the latest workflows to help clients achieve their goals and expands his solutions to all AEC industries.
  • Portrait of Steve Anderson smiling in a gray coat and blue shirt with a bright modern office lobby in the background
    GIS Hero 2021

    Steve Anderson | VHB

    Vice President of Technology Services

    Steve is driving innovation in the transportation industry through the application of GIS technology.
  • Portrait of George Floros smiling in a blue windbreaker with a tree-lined lake in the background
    GIS Hero 2021

    George Floros | Skanska Infrastructure UK

    GIS Lead

    George has promoted innovations such as improving and automating workflows for GIS applications on a live mega construction project.
  • Portrait of Darin Welch smiling in a blue tee shirt with a tree-lined sunny field in the background
    GIS Hero 2021

    Darin Welch | HNTB Technology Solutions Center

    National Geospatial Manager

    Darin and his talented team of professionals lead many of HNTB’s most significant geospatial innovation projects.
  • Portrait of Michelle Watson smiling in a dark blue blouse with a sunlit window in the background
    GIS Hero 2021

    Michelle Watson | Jacobs

    Global Director, Geospatial Solutions

    Michelle believes in providing practical, fit-for-purpose solutions that grow and scale as organizations transition towards a digital future.

Who will be the next Esri AEC GIS Hero?

Do you know someone who uses GIS to create innovative solutions and inspire others?