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Excitement Builds for the Esri User Conference in San Diego, July 15-19!

Last week, two of Esri’s AEC leaders (Micah Callough and Marc Goldman) connected for a chat discussing the great things to see at the Esri User Conference coming up soon in San Diego. Below is a view of their discussion highlighting the many things AEC professional attendees should watch, do, and learn at the event.

Marc: We are thrilled to announce that the Esri User Conference (UC) is just around the corner, taking place from July 15-19 in sunny San Diego! This annual event is a great gathering for so may industries, including professionals in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) sector, especially those utilizing GIS in their work. The growth of GIS in AEC is expanding our community and also driving innovation and efficiency across the industry.

Micah: Absolutely, Marc. The integration of GIS in AEC is becoming increasingly critical, offering new ways to visualize, analyze, and deliver projects. As our community grows, so does the impact of GIS on AEC daily operations and strategies. This conference is an excellent opportunity to witness firsthand through examples from users the advancements and share experiences with peers who are just as passionate about these technologies.

AEC and GIS: A Growing Community

Marc: We used to talk about AEC being slow adopters of technology, but the pace of technological change is faster than ever, and the Esri UC is the perfect place to stay ahead of the curve. From emerging GIS applications to advanced analytics and GeoAI, the combination of GIS and BIM or even location-based project scheduling – the UC showcases the latest innovations that are transforming the AEC landscape. What are you most excited about, Micah?

Micah: I’m particularly excited about the networking and learning opportunities. The Esri UC is not just about technology; it’s also about building networks and learning from peers. Every year, UC provides a unique place to meet and discuss innovative projects with clients and colleagues, fostering collaboration and idea exchange.

Navigating the Esri UC: Prioritize with Our Guide

Marc: With so much happening at the Esri UC, it can be overwhelming to decide which sessions and activities to attend. To help you make the most of your time, we have created the AEC Sessions and Activities flier. This comprehensive guide with can be found HERE. It includes detailed information on must-see sessions, workshops, and networking events tailored specifically for the AEC community. Another great way to plan your time at UC is to check out the User Conference website, filter down to the AEC activities and start saving sessions, meetings, social activities and other interesting content to your calendar.

Micah: That’s a fantastic resource, Marc. I’m looking forward to our annual AEC Kickoff Session on July 16 at 8:30 AM sharp in the Grand Ballroom Salon 6 at the Marriott. This session will cover critical topics to help attendees maximize their UC experience, including:

Fun and Social Activities

Marc: Beyond the sessions and workshops, the Esri UC offers numerous social activities that provide a chance to relax and network in a more informal setting. We’ll guide attendees to the best events and gatherings where they can connect with other AEC professionals and have some fun. 

Micah: Indeed, Marc. The social aspect of the conference is just as important as the formal sessions. These activities offer a great opportunity to unwind and build stronger professional relationships. Don’t miss the AEC Social starting at 6:00 PM on Wednesday, July 17 at the Hilton Promenade Plaza/The Pointe.

See You in San Diego!

Marc: We are eagerly looking forward to seeing everyone at the Esri UC! Join us on Tuesday morning for an informative and inspiring start to the conference. Let’s make the most of this opportunity to learn, connect, and innovate together. 

Micah: Safe travels, and see you soon!

About the authors

Marc Goldman is the Director of AEC Industry at Esri. He works with a global team to define and deliver the strategy for Esri’s solutions serving architecture, engineering, and construction. He is a leading expert in BIM, GIS, Digital Twins, and their impact on the industry. Marc began his career in the first days of CAD, he led some of the earliest BIM efforts, and he has contributed nearly thirty years defining, developing, and delivering services and technologies for design, engineering, manufacturing, and construction. He works with an international network of AEC executives creating joint ventures, partnerships, and customer relationships. He is the Vice Chair of the NIBS Digital Twin Integration Subcommittee, the co-Chair of the Digital Twin Consortium AECO group, and supports buildingSMART International on the Steering Committee for the Infrastructure Room, the OGC+bSI Working Group, and the Digital Twins Working group. Marc studied Architecture and Engineering at Tulane University. He lives in Colorado with his wife, Lynne a veterinarian, and way too many animals.


Micah is the Technology Director for AEC sector based at Esri in Denver, Colorado. He has a background in technology delivery based on his long career in the Architecture, Environment, and Construction (AEC) space. For the last eighteen years, he has worked for a leading AEC firm across their Water, Infrastructure, Environment, Buildings and Global Digital Solutions (IT) business lines. Throughout this period, he has served as a GIS professional, a management consultant, project manager, a department manager, a technical leader, a technical sales leader, product manager, scrum master, and a global IT director. His passion is transforming businesses using technology as a catalyst. When he is not at work, he is probably driving his van to his next outdoor adventure.

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