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Electric and Gas Utilities

Strengthen financials, safety, and customer satisfaction with the Complete GIS

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Esri is monitoring global activity of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and providing resources for response.

Empower all electric and gas utilities

Esri's mapping and analytics software improves performance at utilities of all sizes — from large multinational utilities to community-based utilities.

GIS gives utilities an advantage

Location is fundamental to all electric and gas utilities. Empower staff to leverage critical location data with ArcGIS technology. Advanced mapping and real-time spatial analytics in ArcGIS strengthen operations and decision-making—from the field to the office.


Connect everyone with maps and data. See assets, plans, compliance issues, and high-demand areas in one place to improve operations.

laptop with mapping software


Keep a pulse on real-time weather, traffic, asset, and disaster information to speed response times.

Two tablets showing electric and gas utilities mapping software


Reveal relationships in your data, such as areas of high usage that are vulnerable to disasters. Detect problems before they occur.

Screenshot of analytics dashboard for mapping data


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