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GIS heroes are GIS champions. They have gained respect from electric industry colleagues who see them as problem solvers. Their humble natures and genuine love of GIS make them the people everyone wants to work with. They inspire others to imagine how GIS can help them do their work better. Join us in celebrating these industry leaders who are making a difference every day at their organizations. 

Hussam Al Jabri | Muscat Electricity Distribution Company

Hussam Al Jabri is a senior GIS analyst and acting head of GIS at Muscat Electricity Distribution Company (MEDC) in Muscat, Oman. Since 2015, he has designed several dashboards that transform data into usable information, helping strengthen decision-making at MEDC. He is most proud of his work on the digital transformation of maintenance inspection activities, moving the company from a paper-based environment to a smart and interactive environment.

During his spare time, Hussam enjoys brewing specialty coffee, reading, writing, and being with his son.

A portrait of Hussam Al Jabri smiling, enclosed in a yellow circle on a purple background

Keith Aubin | Enel Green Power North America

In 2015, Keith Aubin joined Enel Green Power North America as the sole GIS specialist. He took GIS from being a tool for creating PDF maps to a core business system that supports renewable energy projects. His secret to success is showing the benefits of integrated GIS workflows through proofs of concept, increasing buy-in. Keith's approach led to the founding of the company’s drone program and industry partnerships for analytics processes. In 2020, his efforts culminated in a new IT chapter focused on GIS as a platform, and he received Esri's Enterprise GIS Award. Today, Keith serves as the head of the Digital Hub for Business Development and chapter leader of the Geographical Information Platform.

In his spare time, Keith enjoys spending time outdoors with his son.

Kurt Towler in a blue button-up shirt, smiling and standing outdoors in front of a sign that reads “Geography”

Melissa Mayo | Alabama Power

Melissa Mayo is a team leader in the Power Delivery Technology group at Alabama Power. She is responsible for managing GIS efforts related to transmission work and has been in her role since 2015. Melissa’s team produces a variety of cartographic products, mobile solutions, and web applications to best support transmission endeavors that provide electricity safely and reliably throughout the company’s service areas. She is currently representing Alabama Power in a project to implement the utility network for Southern Company’s transmission system.

Melissa is an avid hiker and also enjoys stand up paddleboarding, reading, gardening, and cheering for the University of Alabama Crimson Tide.

A portrait of Melissa Mayo in a blue blouse, smiling and standing in front of a building with greenery surrounding it

Kurt Towler | Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative

Kurt Towler is the GIS Manager for Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative (SSVEC) in Southern Arizona. His primary role is managing their GIS electric network, a complete model to the meter for a service area of 5,000 square miles.  He started his career at SSVEC as a contractor for sub-meter GPS field inventory and has been managing GIS activities since 2005. His philosophy is to extend GIS to support all aspects of electric utility workflows. These workflows start with decisions made in the office, extend to the field with data collection, and result in high-quality analysis back in the office. Kurt is currently working on an Outage Management System implementation and full migration of GIS to cloud-based architecture.

During his spare time, Kurt enjoys woodworking with unusual wood species and gardening.

Kurt Towler in a blue button-up shirt, smiling and standing outdoors in front of a sign that reads “Geography”

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