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Esri Electric GIS Heroes

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Esri electric heroes inspire

GIS heroes are GIS champions. They have gained respect from electric industry colleagues who see them as problem solvers. Their humble natures and genuine love of GIS make them the people everyone wants to work with. They inspire others to imagine how GIS can help them do their work better. Join us in celebrating these industry leaders who are making a difference every day at their organizations. 

Sephe Fox | Clatskanie People’s Utility District

Sephe Fox has been a GIS Analyst at Clatskanie People’s Utility District for 5 years. As the sole GIS staff member, she has been instrumental in building the GIS system from the ground up, starting with a full system audit to create the GIS database, through the integration of GIS with other business systems, and the creation of mobile solutions for field data collection. She maintains and analyzes all GIS data, including the outage management system. She recently completed a wildfire risk analysis to find areas of higher fire risk in the district for the District’s Wildfire Mitigation Plan. She used Spatial Analyst and ModelBuilder to perform classic raster analysis using utility-specific and public data. In her personal time she enjoys gardening, bicycling, and traveling.

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Duane Holt | CORE Electric Cooperative

GIS Manager Duane Holt has been with CORE Electric Cooperative for 28 years. During his time with CORE, Duane’s work has transitioned from digitizing manual maps into CAD to progressing GIS into a foundational part of the business. Duane’s GIS team supports all facets of the business using Esri Desktop and Enterprise applications to deliver the information that keeps CORE a premier utility. Duane is most proud of the widespread acceptance of GIS technologies he has generated at the utility. In addition to supporting daily operations, GIS is involved in nearly every initiative from Operational Reliability to Wildfire Management to Renewable and Economic Development.

In his spare time, Duane enjoys small home improvement projects, spending time with his wife and three daughters, and appreciating the view from his mountain cabin.

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Holly Dewbre | Oncor Electric Delivery

Holly Dewbre has been at Oncor for 21 years and is currently a manager. In 2015, Holly developed a team to help the Transmission organization transition from paper processes to a digital workspace. She works with stakeholders to develop GIS strategies that provide improved situational awareness for those who design, construct, and operate Oncor’s transmission lines and rights-of-way. Holly’s GIS team executes strategies with the support of consultants and Esri partners. The team leverages web and mobile technologies and dashboards to transform disparate data into actionable information.

Holly enjoys spending her spare time with family and experiencing the outdoors.

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Hussam Al Jabri | Muscat Electricity Distribution Company

Hussam Al Jabri is a senior GIS analyst and acting head of GIS at Muscat Electricity Distribution Company (MEDC) in Muscat, Oman. Since 2015, he has designed several dashboards that transform data into usable information, helping strengthen decision-making at MEDC. He is most proud of his work on the digital transformation of maintenance inspection activities, moving the company from a paper-based environment to a smart and interactive environment.

During his spare time, Hussam enjoys brewing specialty coffee, reading, writing, and being with his son.

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