Enterprise Agreement

An Enterprise Agreement (EA) is your fast track to organization-wide GIS. An EA gives you ready and uncapped access to ArcGIS software along with timely and expert assistance from Esri so that you can focus on building a successful and scalable enterprise GIS.

With an Enterprise Agreement, you can


No matter what type of organization you are, we can provide an EA that fits your requirements.

How EA Works


EAs provide flexible software management. They can be tailored to your needs depending on licensing and the type of EA. EAs permit deployment of unlimited quantities of selected Esri products over the term of the agreement.

For example, with an EA, an organization may be provided uncapped use of


There are two models for EAs:

Standard Licensing

  • Permanent-use rights for software
  • Based on a three-year term contract with fixed annual payments
  • Suitable for organizations of all sizes

Subscription Licensing

  • Temporary-use rights for software
  • Based on pre-defined term contract with convenient, affordable fees
  • Optimal for smaller organizations


Maintenance is included for the term of the EA and offers

  • Technical support for named authorized caller(s)
  • New software releases, patches, and updates
  • Complimentary registration to the annual Esri International User Conference
  • Free subscriptions to ArcNews and ArcUser

With an EA, you make scheduled payments in exchange for a prescribed set of software, services, and training over the term of the agreement.

Common Questions

An Enterprise Agreement (EA) is a contract in which the customer commits to a set fee to Esri for a specified period of time in exchange for a set of unlimited software and maintenance. Services and training are typically included.

Any type of organization, agency, department, or commercial firm is eligible.

EAs are designed to fit many different customer requirements and infrastructures, including commercial businesses; government agencies and departments; and other qualifying organizations.

EAs provide many key benefits

  • Avoid time-consuming processes of justifying every GIS purchase.
  • Ability to deploy unlimited quantities of core Esri products.
  • Architectural flexibility.
  • Reduced administrative costs.
  • Capitalize a greater part of your GIS investment.
  • Easy access to a network of Esri partners that provide software, services, and data.
  • Fixed annual payments.
  • Centralized management and support with access to the most current versions of Esri software.
  • A platform for expansion and future growth.

Yes! Customers who regard GIS as a technology key to the success of their business can use an EA to deploy it to meet mission-critical needs.

Yes! An EA is designed to help customers integrate GIS with other enterprise applications such as work management, ERP, or business intelligence systems.

Absolutely! Our EAs fit customers of all sizes. The special features of our EAs serve the enterprise organization particularly well.

Large-scale Standard EAs help you begin your GIS journey quickly and easily with a complete platform, including desktop, server, Web services, data, mobile solutions, and more. These EAs help you build a scalable system that aligns with your business objectives.

Absolutely! We have tiered programs for qualified participants.

Absolutely! We are here to help! Contact us at 800-447-9778 (in the US) or at ela_info@esri.com and a representative can help!

Yes, EAs are designed to help any organization deploy and support large-scale GIS implementations.

Yes! New customers benefit tremendously from the flexibility to deploy as many licenses as are needed and to try all of our core products.

Affiliates in which the customer has greater than 50 percent ownership can be included in an EA.

Three years is the standard commitment term. However, if your organization has special circumstances, please contact your local Esri representative at 800-447-9778 (in the US) or send your questions to an Enterprise & Product Licensing Specialist.

You can always renew your EA with your updated needs. Esri is here to meet your needs and help your organization to build a successful GIS enterprise.

If you are unable to continue with the standard EA business model, you retain the licenses deployed under the EA and may then acquire maintenance as you require it. Subscription-based EAs provide licenses for the term of the agreement.

An EA typically permits deployment of unlimited quantities of selected Esri products over the term of the agreement. For these unlimited licenses, maintenance is included.

  • Software installation and configuration
  • Functional use of the software
  • Interfacing the applications with your hardware or other peripheral devices
  • Requesting product enhancements or reporting software defects

Upgrades and patches can be downloaded from the Internet as they become available. Media can be provided if a customer does not have Internet access.

Each EA has a designated amount of authorized technical support callers. Esri Support Services is dedicated to providing timely and expert assistance to Esri software users within the United States.

Contact your Esri account manager, your local Esri office or call 800-447-9778 in the U.S. International customers can contact their in-country Esri Distributor.