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Environmental Stewardship

Share, collaborate, and engage with the public with GIS

Support citizen science

Use GIS to publish location-based apps and dashboards that inform the public of environmental impacts from proposed projects. Dynamic maps provide a data exchange between your organization and citizens. Story maps illustrate return on investment (ROI) and environmental impacts.

Foster environmental stewardship


Increase engagement

Environmental and natural resources agencies use real-time apps and dashboards to increase engagement with other departments and with citizens. Agencies can easily provide the greater population with critical information about environmental impacts on issues such as water quality, air quality, endangered species status, and parks and recreation.


Encourage citizen scientists

Mobile apps enable two-way information sharing with the public, allowing all citizens to play an important part in understanding, preserving, and protecting our natural resources. Citizen scientists can use mapping apps to report wildlife observations, access recreation information, or share environmental concerns.

Widely share impacts

Agencies can use story maps and other mapping apps to easily tell the public, executives, and others the potential benefits of projects as well as their impacts on nature and wildlife. These mapping tools help communicate the pros and cons of developments and activities while eliciting feedback from constituents and stakeholders.


Collaborate through maps for environmental justice

California released a science-based mapping tool that allows users to identify the communities that are most affected by many sources of pollution.

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