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Expanding populations and extreme weather conditions have magnified the impact of emergency incidents that claim lives, destroy thousands of structures, prompt evacuations, and impact localities. Response and recovery require effective collaboration among the public safety community, federal and state agencies, and local governments. Esri's ArcGIS software offers a unique set of capabilities for applying location analytics to your preparedness, response, and recovery practices.


Modernize your department with GIS

Fire and EMS agencies around the world use spatial data to improve their planning, preparedness, response, risk reduction, and more. The health of a community depends on the effective operation of its public safety agencies, and geographic information system (GIS) technology can improve that effectiveness.

Learn how applying location intelligence to your operations can boost coordination across multiple levels of government and help you achieve better outcomes.

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ArcGIS Training Courses for Public Safety

Instructor-led and self-paced options help individuals apply best practices and quickly learn ArcGIS software. Esri offers these ArcGIS courses, designed for public safety workflows, to help you gain deeper insight into your organization's data for making well-informed decisions.

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Location is fundamental to the fire service and is used to make decisions that protect life and property. It influences preplanning activities and improves response capabilities.

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Data analysis for fire and EMS

Learn how GIS solutions and data can be used to focus fire service efforts on continual improvement in reducing risk for responders and the identified population.

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ArcGIS Solutions for the fire service

Use ArcGIS Solutions to understand risks, develop preincident plans, and improve actions taken in response to an incident.

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Optimize Your Department's Response

Learn how organizations can leverage ArcGIS to perform data collection, analysis, operations support, and resource coordination.

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