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Providing GIS tools and training for resource constrained countries

Modernize your land governance

ArcGIS is the secure and scalable platform for land administration

Land is a finite resource that is essential to your nation’s security, economic well-being, and social stability. Good land governance requires effective policies, processes, and institutions that can determine, record, and disseminate information about the tenure, value, and use of land.  Esri technology enables land administration organizations to meet new challenges with efficient, well-managed workflows. ArcGIS is a modern, comprehensive platform that ensures data integrity and security while delivering information products and services to stakeholders, taxpayers, and citizens.


A complete solution for your cadastre

Qualified land administration agencies can leverage ArcGIS technology for cadastre and land administration operations.

Modernize land administration

Esri’s program for Land Administration provides the cutting-edge tools and training you need to improve land administration business processes, create efficiencies and improve parcel data accuracy. Applying geospatial technology to collect, manage, and disseminate parcel data enables you to implement new modern methods that save you time and money. 

Optimize planning, field data, collection and operations.

Make the most of your limited resources by using the ArcGIS Platform to improve your field data collection workflows. Using interactive maps and apps, one can easily assign, manage and gather highly accurate property information from the field in a low-cost, efficient and uniform way enabling it to be easily integrated into one’s authoritative database. 

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Improve parcel data accuracy with purpose-built technology.

Cadastral agencies can realize accuracy improvements in many ways from the use of GIS and modern systems.  ArcGIS integrates with the latest technologies, allowing you to leverage external GPS with your devices for capturing and displaying critical location information.  Purpose-built parcel management workflows increase parcel throughput while improving data integrity and accuracy. 

Share information in an easy-to-use interface.

Modern data access is no longer a mapbook or website. Citizens, staff, and other government agencies require usable information in many formats and on many devices.  An integrated solution for land administration agencies leverages the power of geospatial data to enable secure access to designated users from any device, anywhere, anytime. 

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