Global Public Health

Grant Program

Esri grants provide GIS tools and training for ministries of health and government health agencies in countries with low- and middle-income economies.

How you can use GIS to improve health

While the relationship between health and place has long been recognized, modern tools make it possible to leverage geographic information to make faster and better decisions. GIS will help you to understand population needs, identify gaps, and allocate your resources most effectively.

Optimize access to care and resources

Access is a concern whether you are focused on Universal Health Coverage, vaccine delivery, or ensuring citizens have clean water supplies nearby. Geospatial technology facilitates the calculations of accessibility and helps you connect people with available resources.

Monitor disease status in your country

Whether you’re tracking the spread of infectious diseases or looking at the changes in chronic disease over time, GIS offers many tools for surveillance. In a single integrated platform you can visualize, analyze, model, predict, and intervene when something happens.

Improve maternal and child health

As a key focus for sustainable development, countries can enhance their strategies around reducing maternal mortality and child/infant deaths by pinpointing clusters of need and targeting outreach efforts. 

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