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Location intelligence gives students a competitive advantage

When coupled with business intelligence tools, location is the common thread connecting businesses to their customers, operations, and potential risks. Organizational leaders can drive market growth, strengthen operations, and enhance resilience with geospatial technology. Prepare your graduates to make data-driven decisions by leveraging unique insights from location intelligence.

Provide value across the organization

The analytical and problem-solving skills your students gain are valuable across departments, including business analytics, international business, marketing, management, real estate, supply chain, and more.



WCU incorporates location analytics curricula

The West Chester University College of Business and Public Management offers students location analytics in undergraduate and graduate programs.

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Esri Press

Spatial Business

Spatial Business: Competing and Leading with Location Analytics examines how location is a key factor in intelligent business decisions and achieving success. Through real-world examples, readers learn how location analytics solutions can be designed, deployed, and managed from strategic and operational perspectives.

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