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Real-time GIS and situational awareness give you the ability to simultaneously integrate, analyze, and display streaming data from many sensors, devices, and social media feeds. You can define filters and location-based analytics that automatically refine and focus real-time data to accomplish the mission with up-to-the-minute intelligence on what's happening in the field, across jurisdictions. That's why police, fire, and emergency management organizations at all levels of government utilize Esri's real-time GIS capabilities in their operations and dispatching centers. 

Capabilities of real-time situational awareness

Monitor operations and resources in real-time

Getting the location of a moving object is one thing but tracking entire fleets of vehicles, vessels, or aircraft in real time allows moment-by-moment decision-making for improved operational awareness. Ports, airports, transportation companies, and government agencies all use Esri's real-time GIS technology and optimize resources.

Connect to any data stream

GIS now gives you the power to analyze locations and connections to social activities in real time. With real-time data integration, searching and streaming works across multiple platforms, including social feeds, geolocated Tweets, photos, and videos, and can be viewed within the context of digital imagery, street networks, topography, and community basemaps. The data can then be layered for additional context with other information such as public safety assets, city infrastructure, utility networks, hazardous materials, and demographic data.

Make better decisions

When an event of interest happens, maps and databases are automatically updated, and stakeholders are simultaneously alerted. You can also quickly integrate your historical operational data with your infrastructure data to discover trends, patterns, and outliers. Seeing your data in real time not only allows you to make more informed decisions but also helps your organization turn those decisions into action.

Case Study

Emergency response and recovery

As one of the largest disaster recovery organizations in the world, the American Red Cross responds to an emergency every eight minutes.

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