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A parked police car and fire engine with a blue hue over the image

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A large 3D rendering map of Paris, France in the center and smaller images around it of a police officer, an emergency dispatcher with a headset, and a map

Learn how GIS transforms public safety

Gain a deeper understanding of where to focus efforts across all mission areas in public safety.

Esri Public Safety webinars help you leverage geographic information systems (GIS) to keep communities safe. Learn how to better prepare for, mitigate, respond to, and quickly recover from threats and hazards.

These webinars are led by Esri experts with over 165 years of combined industry experience. Empower yourself and your organization with knowledge on how to enhance safety workflows and GIS applications.

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  • Emergency communications
  • Emergency management
  • Fire, rescue, and EMS
  • Homeland security
  • Humanitarian assistance
  • Law enforcement
  • Security operations
  • Wildland fire
A panoramic view of a city built on a waterfront and red public safety icons indicating fire, tornados, police, healthcare, and more, hovering over the city

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