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Business Intelligence

It can be hard to make sense of big data. Smart maps and analytics in Esri's ArcGIS technology make it easier to find hidden patterns and trends in customer, sales, and market data. Inside stores, GIS software shows where customers spend time. Share business intelligence insight company-wide for fast, informed decision-making in stores and in the office.


Cirque du Soleil knows where to reach customers

This world-renowned company delivers excellent performances globally. To make sense of the massive amount of data it collects daily, staff rely on ArcGIS. With smart maps and spatial analysis, they move beyond metrics, such as the number of tickets sold, to greater knowledge of where target audiences are and the best places to reach them.

Simple mapping

Quickly make maps out of spreadsheet data. Empower everyone to make the maps they need.

Indoor mapping

Precisely map customer movement, product placements, and inventory status in real time.

Sharing and collaboration

Easily share maps of critical data for better communication and decision-making.

Insight from Big Data

See how location impacts sales, using smart maps and segmented data.

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Specialized apps

Esri Demographics

Understand population characteristics in specific locations.

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ArcGIS Business Analyst

Create insightful reports with detailed data and analytics.

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