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Strengthen operational efficiency with location intelligence

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Align your community’s initiatives with federal funding objectives using GIS. Visit Esri’s federal funding resource site.

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With the power of location intelligence, departments of transportation (DOTs) can improve mobility and ensure a safe and reliable transportation system for people. Esri geographic information system (GIS) technology for roads and highways can transform your organization into a spatial data- and performance-driven agency. Use smart maps to better plan, manage, and maintain your infrastructure. 

Ensuring transportation infrastructure resiliency

Federal funding for infrastructure investment provides the opportunity to fundamentally prolong our transportation networks to accommodate future needs and withstand future challenges. This ebook will guide you through best practices of using GIS and use cases from your peers in the transportation space.

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System of engagement

Location plays a critical role in all road and highway activities. A system of engagement founded in GIS technology provides a platform to organize your location-based data—making it easy to understand, analyze, and act on.

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Use GIS to understand how location impacts operations and discover new ways to empower staff.


Identify business needs, then strengthen your organization with a geospatial data foundation.


Create efficient workflows and ready-to-go business applications that break down data silos.


Use GIS software that will support your business needs and speed digital transformation.

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