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Enabling a Smarter World

Location intelligence has guided the most successful sustainability projects in the last two decades. Listen to what its advocates say.

Five ways to actualize resilience

Applying the Science of Where to sustainability projects and missions enables you to do the following:

Understand need

Display where development or humanitarian assistance is needed in your area of operations.

Map your work

Express your plans and visualize the work you’ve accomplished contextually with maps.

Measure impact

Integrate mobile data collection tools that are easy to use, connect to the cloud, and help you assess the impact of development and other factors faster.

Analyze performance

Evaluate the effectiveness of activities and investments with sophisticated analytics.

Engage stakeholders

Use interactive presentation and reporting tools as a “system of engagement” to demonstrate work accomplished.

Meet sustainability goals faster

Esri is committed to supplying geospatial tools and data to meet global sustainability goals. Location technology gives momentum to sustainability missions so you can meet global goals faster.    


Integrating location technology into our DNA helped us to do better science, which in turn increased our credibility and fundraising.

David Yarnold
President and CEO, National Audubon

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