Esri telecom GIS heroes inspire

These heroes are leaders within the GIS community and true GIS champions. As proven problem solvers, they have gained deep respect from colleagues. Their genuine love of this technology inspires others to imagine how GIS can help them achieve their own ambitious goals. Join us in celebrating these industry leaders who are making a difference in the telecom community every day.

Amerley Ampofo | MTN

Amerley Ampofo is the customer analytics senior manager at MTN, Ghana’s leading telecommunications company. Amerley began her GIS journey in 2003, leading the transformation of organizations throughout West Africa with the implementation and use of geospatial technologies to solve socioeconomic problems. Since 2009, she has been working with MTN, intelligently delivering data-driven insights for business decision-making. As an advocate for using data and technology as a force for good, she has written and delivered papers on best practices for GIS applications, sharing them across Africa, the Netherlands, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). She continues to mentor young women who wish to progress to the next level in geoanalytics.

A portrait of Amerley Ampofo

Javier Isaac González | Cable & Wireless Panama

Javier Isaac Gonzáles is a project manager at Cable & Wireless Panama. He grew up in Panama and studied electronic and telecommunications engineering at the Technology University of Panama. Since 2007, Javier Isaac has led many projects at Cable & Wireless Panama focused on the fields of networking, core business, education, social, and security. In 2017, he led a highly impactful project called “Internet Para Todos” for low-income communities, providing internet access to 80% of the Panamanian population for free. Last year, he and his team deployed 84 internet hubs in the most impoverished communities in Panama, helping students attend classes remotely as they dealt with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the damages caused by Hurricanes Eta and Iota.

A portrait of Javier Isaac González

Boris Pitchforth | Vodafone UK

Boris Pitchforth is a GIS, cloud, and security architect at Vodafone UK. Over the past four years, Boris has developed an enterprise-wide GIS system and created a long-term strategy to transform Vodafone’s business using location intelligence. One of his first projects implemented a comprehensive 3D digital twin of their UK network, providing insight into how the environment impacts coverage and performance. Boris has also deployed numerous projects engaging the wider business, such as providing self-service location intelligence capabilities for non-GIS users redeveloping legacy applications and creating data monetization solutions. Today, Boris continues to innovate new solutions that automate and simplify business workflows. 

A portrait of Boris Pitchforth

Past GIS Heroes

A portrait of Quinton Maximoff
GIS Hero Spring 2021
GIS Hero Spring 2021

Quinton Maximoff | TDS Telecom

Quinton uses his passion for GIS to deliver innovative problem-solving solutions that support business operations at TDS Telecom.
A portrait of Edward Gause
GIS Hero Spring 2021
GIS Hero Spring 2021

Edward Gause | HTC

Edward has developed and deployed numerous applications, resources, and machine learning tools, empowering the HTC team to achieve their mission.
A portrait of Shawn Bowers
GIS Hero Spring 2021
GIS Hero Spring 2021

Shawn Bowers | Windstream

Shawn implemented ArcGIS Enterprise to share OSP data across Windstream and grew its user base from a few groups to more than 5,000 employees.
A portrait of Maryam Sanieian

Maryam Sanieian | Comcast

Maryam joined Comcast in 2015. She works with teams throughout the organization to understand their needs and solve problems using GIS.
A portrait of Danielle Conner

Danielle Conner | Charter Communications

Danielle works with the teams at Charter Communications to provide insights that improve customer experience and aid network expansion.
A portrait of Jhann Burke

Jhann Burke | Comcast

Jhann utilized the Spectrum tool created by Comcast’s GIS team to identify and manage $55 million in capital for proactive builds.
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