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Esri telecom GIS heroes inspire

These heroes are leaders within the GIS community and true GIS champions. As proven problem solvers, they have gained deep respect from colleagues. Their genuine love of this technology inspires others to imagine how GIS can help them achieve their own ambitious goals. Join us in celebrating these industry leaders who are making a difference in the telecom community every day.

Maryam Sanieian | Comcast

Being in love with maps and drafting, Maryam Sanieian learned AutoCAD at the age of 13. Joining Comcast in 2015, she began working with an amazing group of GIS experts and developers as Engineer 3, GIS Analyst. She worked with sales, design, construction, and technical operations to understand their needs and meet them through the GIS platform. Her team uses GIS to foresee the economically feasible development opportunities within the Comcast footprint on a citywide scale.

Danielle Conner | Charter

Danielle Conner was born and raised in Colorado with a passion for all things outdoors. She began her GIS career while she was still in college working with ArcGIS 3.x from the time she was 18 years old. She leads the Spatial and Mobile client analytics teams for Spectrum Mobile. She works with the team to provide insights into how their customers experience the network, what they can do to improve that experience, and how they can eventually expand the network. The team has developed and released several custom spatial analytics applications that give the Product team insight into the usage and potential off-load and health of the network.

Jhann Burke | Comcast

Jhann Burke is the West Division Manager of Planning and Design - GIS & Serviceability at Comcast. Prior to this role, she was able to utilize the Spectrum tool created by the amazing GIS Team that led to the identification and management of $55 million in the capital for proactive builds. Burke uses ArcGIS maps and Serviceability analysis to provide high-level City meeting presentations for the Business Development and Government Affairs team.

Who will be the next Esri telecom GIS hero?

Tell us about someone you know who uses GIS to create innovative solutions and inspire others