Remote Engineering

In a highly competitive environment where bandwidth demands are growing exponentially, you need to deliver the right technology at the right location and at the right time to maximize your return on investment (ROI). You could guess where to invest your capital, but why take the risk? With Remote Engineering solutions based on the ArcGIS platform, you will have the tools you need to make the best decisions. Spend your capital where it will achieve or exceed your ROI targets while still meeting tight deadlines and customer service expectations.

Improve Strategic Planning

The Remote Engineering suite of solutions can help you achieve your network and business goals:

  • Maximize ROI
  • Improve time to market
  • Reduce costs
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Business Value Impact of ArcGIS

Improve Planning & Analysis

Optimize strategic planning for network expansion justification. Ensure return on investment and reduce time to marketing with spatial tools and automated models.

  • Geographic based strategic network planning business value justification
  • Optimized network routing and cost estimating
  • Automated planning tools with configurable business rules
  • Tools for quick network planning and sketch up

Optimize Engineering & Design

Use spatial tools to help automate and optimize fiber and wireless RF designs.

  • Location-based RF, fiber, coax, and copper engineering tools
  • Management of OSP and ISP
  • Auto design tools and connectivity/tracing capabilities
  • Desktop, web, and mobile solutions
  • OSS/BSS integration

Bring the Field to the Engineer

Reduce field visits and truck rolls with tools for remote site verification and engineering from the office.

  • High accuracy and quality 2D & 3D imagery
  • ArcGIS integrated street view LiDAR with measurement tools
  • Premium GIS layers and services (parcels, businesses, demographics, landscape variables)

Streamline Field Inspections & Surveys

Validate fiber design and permitting from the field. Record information and send it back to the office in real time.

  • Configurable mobile apps for real-time, geographic based data collection
  • Geographic based work order management
  • Configurable dashboard and reporting tools
  • Field redlining and map notes tools

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