Smart Infrastructure Solution Benefits

Empower your water utility to be more effective with better informed decisions about asset management as well as overcoming your main challenges. Efficiently maintain your data with easy-to-use editing tools and ensure your data meets your established standards with configurable quality assurance and quality control tools. Provide your staff with access to your authoritative data through desktop, web, and mobile clients. Get feedback from staff on the completeness and accuracy of your data.


Water Utility Network Editing

Streamline the creation and editing of water, sanitary sewer, and storm water infrastructure.

Water Distribution Network Viewer

Provide access to utility staff to view and locate network assets.

Map Change Request

Enable field crews to record discrepancies between a map and the real world.

Water Utility Network Quality Control

Validate, maintain, and improve the integrity of water, sewer, and storm water utility data.


Create charts, graphs, and reports that will save time and improve decision making.

What's included?

  • Extension to ArcGIS Pro
  • ArcGIS Enterprise
  • ArcGIS Online or Enterprise Named Users
  • ArcGIS for Water Utilities Solutions
  • Insights for  ArcGIS

 Also Included: 

  • Esri Self-Paced e-Learning (web training)
  • Authorized Technical Support Callers
  • Professional Services Implementation



Miami-Dade County

Florida County Projects to Save $2 Million per Year with Digital Map Editing

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