Field Inventory & Operations Solution

Every water utility understands the importance of knowing where their assets are and what condition they’re in. Collect high accuracy asset locations, quickly perform condition inspections and capture operational activities with Esri’s location-based Field Inventory and Operations Solution. Improve the accuracy and completeness of your system data, be more efficient collecting inspection data, and be able to respond faster to system issues. With the Field Inventory and Operations Solution, you will be able to

  • Know where all your assets are and how they are performing
  • Increase your productivity in the field by getting to more assets on a daily basis
  • Minimize risk and maximize your capital by understanding your asset performance

Build and Improve Your Asset Repository

Quickly capture location and atrribute information about your assets. Connect your mobile devices to bluetooth receivers for higher accuracy.


Increase accuracy and completeness of asset inventory


Evaluate asset performance


Reduce risk of failing assets


Meet water quality compliance requirements

Map Change Request

Quickly update asset information

Integrated Workflows for Efficient Field Operations

Assign, navigate, collect, track and analyze your work for specific water utility workflows. Using industry configurations of Collector for ArcGIS you can quickly implement supported solutions for common field activities. 

Hydrant Inspections

Record scheduled or ad hoc fire hydrant maintenance inspections.

Backflow Inspections

Mange your inspection cycle and record backflow inspections.

Collect Water Leaks

Record the location and severity of leaks in the water network.

Valve Exercising

Manage your valve exercising program activities in the field.

Fire Flow Inspection

Assign inspections to a station or shift crew and conduct field inspections.

Water Quality Inspections

Quickly inspect water quality information for a waterbody.

What's included?

  • Workforce for ArcGIS
  • Navigator for ArcGIS
  • ArcGIS Pro
  • ArcGIS Enterprise
  • ArcGIS Online or Enterprise Named Users
  • ArcGIS for Water Utilities Solutions
  • Insights for ArcGIS

 Also Included: 

  • Esri Self-Paced e-Learning (web training)
  • Authorized Technical Support Callers
  • Professional Services Implementation



Spatial Data a Catch for Pierce County

Mobile GIS access saves costly travel time getting crews to the office, as staff no longer need to reconcile data manually each day.

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