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Use real-time location intelligence to get a detailed picture of your utility network

Advanced mapping and location intelligence provides insight you can’t get any other way. Smart maps on tablets, phones, and desktops help staff understand issues so they can act quickly. Empower staff in the field and office with real-time location-based data available anywhere, anytime. Strengthen decision making for enhanced financials, safety, network performance, and customer satisfaction. 

Spot network vulnerabilities at a glance

Location is fundamental to all the work you do. Use smart maps to see detailed asset information and a full picture of the network during planning, routine operations, and emergency response. Ensure there aren't any surprises, losses, or disappointed customers.

With location technology, you can:

  • See exactly where your network is at-risk of failing.
  • Identify and prioritize where you need to proactively manage aging infrastructure.
  • Map open work orders, weather, crew locations, and outages to prioritize maintenance and repairs, and minimize service disruptions.
  • Visualize real-time data on asset performance to keep systems up and running smoothly.
  • Provide evidence when exceptional conditions cause power outages to avoid regulatory fines.


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