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Stop fraud, waste, and abuse now with ArcGIS.

No matter how hard we try to mitigate it, every agency is plagued by waste, fraud, and abuse to some degree. Fortunately, the solution may be as simple as utilizing maps in an effective way. Location tools can help agencies sift through billions of data points to avoid improper payments and increase response times to reduce waste across the government. Maps help agencies detect, predict, and visualize where, when, and how fraud, waste, and abuse occurs for teams of auditors, inspectors, and investigators. We will identify crosscutting examples of how Office of the Inspector General (OIG) organizations are utilizing GIS to fuse disparate data; find anomalies; and detect fraud, waste, and abuse.

Fraud Overview Webinar

This webinar video gives highlights from the upcoming series. It focuses on some key workflows and how GIS can speed up fraud investigations. The demos it briefly covers are Travel Card Fraud, Active Investigations in Dashboards, Contract Fraud, and Opioid Fraud.