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Keeping Commuters on the Move

Your commuters are frustrated; after all, they're wasting 41 hours a year in traffic on average. It's time to help drivers outsmart traffic with real-time, crowdsourced information. Get an inside look at the City of Colorado Springs' Cone Zones program and see how city staff are integrating ArcGIS web maps, asset management data, and Waze to streamline their operations and provide drivers with mobile traffic and navigation alerts.

Our recent webinar with Esri partner Cartegragh will show how the City of Colorado Springs is

  • Saving 286 hours, or $11K, in staff time with real-time work and asset data.
  • Rerouting drivers around closures, congestion, and special events.
  • Publicly sharing the locations of new and ongoing construction projects.

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Learn how to:

Keep your community informed about detours, road closures, and traffic congestion.

Publicly share the locations of new and ongoing construction projects within your community.

Integrate real-time, crowdsourced data from Waze in your maps and apps.