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GIS provides a holistic approach to facilities management

Location gives your organization the ability to create order out of your complex facility data. The most critical challenges focus on how to optimize, sustain, and secure strategic facility/real property assets throughout their life cycles in a scalable and cost-effective manner. There are advantages to being able to understand, manage, and use all your workplace operations and assets.

Join Esri and PenBay to learn more about how GIS can save your tribe money, protect people and assets, and create safe and productive environments for visitors and workers.

In this webinar, you will learn how to

  • Determining ideal locations to build new facilities
  • Understanding the locations and conditions of current facilities and assets
  • Allocating and optimizing existing space utilization and managing moves/adds/changes
  • Ensuring the safety and security of people, facilities, assets, and infrastructure (indoors and outdoors)
  • Facilitating multiagency emergency incident coordination