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Respond with the right tools and strategies

Continuum of Care programs are responding to homelessness in their communities by coordinating food, shelter, health services, and other resources. Yet they still face many obstacles in getting people the help they need. By using location tools to collect, organize, and share data, organizations can better understand the needs of homeless communities, increase the reach and impact of services, and deliver resources where and when they are needed.

The ArcGIS solution to reduce homelessness

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Launch your location platform

Esri can provide the software, content, and services needed to deliver the ArcGIS solution to reduce homelessness so you can begin applying these apps in your community. We can help you launch your location platform, develop your staff capabilities, and set your long-term vision. Whatever you decide, the solution can evolve as your needs and capabilities change.

Get started quickly with the ArcGIS solution.

GIS in action

A collaborative approach to homelessness

See how the mayor's staff responded rapidly to help track homeless camps and interactions.

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