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How can you increase community engagement and collaboration?

This meetup will demonstrate how ArcGIS Hub can be used effectively in both public and private health care industries to foster collaboration, increase information sharing, and drive initiatives forward. Hub capabilities can help reduce homelessness, address opioid addiction, or prevent diseases like heart disease and diabetes. Hub provides tools for public health departments to team up with experts, organizations, grantees, and citizens and share information and influence communities. It allows hospitals and other health organizations to reach their goals and measure progress.

See how your community can benefit from ArcGIS Hub.

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  • Use cases and examples of ArcGIS Hub in health.
  • Hub technology and what it includes.
  • Deploying out-of-the-box Hub templates.
  • Creating a custom initiative in Hub.
  • Constructing an initiative site page in Hub.

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Learn how to increase collaboration around mission-critical initiatives.