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Are you optimizing situational awareness?

This meetup will center around the power of ArcGIS for tracking people and assets, monitoring conditions, and receiving data from various types of feeds to create situational awareness for a wide range of circumstances. You'll learn about ArcGIS GeoEvent Server, the real-time analytics component of ArcGIS Enterprise that ingests data from various sources, runs analytics in real time, and sends results to a number of different services and target locations.

Real-time GIS gives us additional insight to do this more effectively. See how your team can benefit from real-time GIS. 

Sign up to learn about the following:

  • Under-the-hood workings and logic of GeoEvent Server
  • How to connect to different data sources within GeoEvent Server, including social media feeds and data from ArcGIS Tracker
  • How to configure and use geofences and other real-time analysis capabilities
  • Different methods of alerting interested parties when conditions are met
  • Use cases and examples of real-time GIS in health

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Learn how you can analyze and visualize data in real time.