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Managing Risk through Location Intelligence

The broad availability of sensors and real-time feeds has driven a tectonic shift in risk management. The insurance industry now has access to an extraordinary amount of data that is changing how underwriters and actuaries work. Despite this, uncovering actionable insight into big datasets is a challenge for any organization.

Successful companies in the insurance space understand that to manage big data, they need more than just analytics and raw computational power. These organizations are embracing location-based intelligence as a lens to develop deeper contextual understandings of risk data.

Attend this webinar and learn how you can

  • Implement a flexible data infrastructure to promote strategic agility.
  • Improve interdepartmental communication and cooperation.
  • Quickly create dynamic information products for decision-makers.

Event Details:

Thursday, March 22 | 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. (PDT)