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Esri Business Community—AprilWebinar

Staying connected with the Esri Business Community provides professionals with insights into new product releases, access to targeted materials to support important business initiatives, and updates to key events to better engage with your peers and Esri experts.

The following topics were featured in the April 2018 Esri Business Community webinar:

  • From the March 2018 community newsletter, how to learn more about Spring MOOCs for Cartography and Location Advantage
  • Commercial highlights of Dev Summit 2018 with the link to proceedings, including the keynote session “Artificial Intelligence with Geo” by Joseph Sirosh, Corporate Vice President in the Artificial Intelligence and Research group at Microsoft
  • Outcomes from March seminars, GeoRisk Summit (UK) and GeoBusiness Summit (The Netherlands)
  • New content available in the Esri Marketplace specifically for market analysis
  • Updates for Esri Business Analyst (released April 11), with links to the blog and additional learning tools
  • Latest agenda for Business Summit @ Esri UC 2018, including special interest groups, envisioning centers and social events

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