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The Importance of Challenging Your Market Assumptions

New homes are built, families move and children leave, neighborhoods age or gentrify; whether the change is slow or over a short time frame, markets are always changing. Differences in demographics, psychographics, and customer attitudes may be incremental or dramatic. Despite understanding this fundamental concept, many companies fail to regularly review, analyze, and update their understanding of how, why, and to what degree markets are changing.

Challenging your market assumptions is the first step in ground truthing the reality of your market strategies and quantifying opportunity. How well do your beliefs about your markets match reality?

Attend this webinar to learn why you should challenge your existing business assumptions:

  • Go beyond generalizations of age, income, and purchasing power
  • Understand lifestyles and expectations of segment groups not just segments
  • Quantify the differences between local market conditions and other locations
  • Evaluate your strategic response to new and deeper insights

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