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Location intelligence expands reach, strengthens engagement and speeds decisions

As empowered customers and technology remake the modern retail landscape, retailers can take some simple steps to outpace the competition. The first step is understanding why things happen where they do—from consumer preferences and purchases to footfall traffic and deliveries.

See how location influences your customers

Location-based technology unites disparate datasets to reveal fresh relationships and patterns between customers and retailers. Pinpoint ideal customers and personalize marketing to increase brand loyalty and sales. Maps that are simple to create and share accelerate market understanding and decision-making.

With location technology, you can:

  • Map and analyze segmented demographic data and market characteristics to find your best future customers.
  • Understand why purchases happen where they do to improve product mix decisions and target marketing for deeper customer engagement.
  • Forecast profitable sites based on competitive presence, potential customer demographics, and supply chain access to strengthen market share.

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