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Esri Software for Students at Institutions with an Education Institution Agreement

Our recommended best practices for providing students with access to ArcGIS are in the blog post "How to Manage ArcGIS with Your Updated Institution Agreement." The ArcGIS Desktop Student Trial License has been retired as of February 2021.

If you're a student in the United States, please refer to this list for information about accessing ArcGIS through your institution's Esri license.

If your institution

  • Is listed but no link exists, please contact and request information for the license coordinator at your institution.
  • Is not listed, you can purchase an ArcGIS for Student Use subscription.

If you're an instructor in the United States, please contact your ArcGIS license coordinator for access to your institution's license.

If you're a student or an instructor outside the United States, please contact your institution's license coordinator or reach out to your local Esri office.