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Clearly see the details in your landscapes

Find out how to get the most accurate global elevation data for your visualization and analysis. Airbus’ WorldDEM4Ortho is now part of ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World. Anyone with an ArcGIS subscription can use it.

In this webinar you will learn more about WorldDEM4Ortho—how it was created and why it's so accurate. You will see how to access and use the Living Atlas global elevation services that contain WorldDEM4Ortho.

Esri’s World Elevation services and information products are enhanced with WorldDEM4Ortho. The key benefits of WorldDEM4Ortho are:

  • Most consistent and accurate satellite-based elevation model on a global scale.
  • Vertical accuracy of ~ 4 meters.
  • Pole-to-pole coverage at ~ 24 meters cell size.
  • Flattened urban areas.


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Presenters: John Collins, Airbus & Rajinder Nagi, Esri