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Get introduced to GeoEvent Server

Join us for a fast-paced introductory presentation to GeoEvent Server, the server role that brings real-time capability to your ArcGIS Enterprise. Learn about configurable connectors and processors, available out-of-the-box, and how they are used to ingest and perform continuous analytics on virtually any type of streaming data. We’ll cover how GeoEvent Services are designed to disseminate event records to web applications and persist real-time data in spatial data stores. Get introduced to the GeoEvent Server Java SDK which developers can leverage to create customized connectors and processors to meet the needs of your organization. Submit questions to members from the product team for Q&A during the webinar. We will include numerous references to in-depth recordings of technical workshops from past Esri Developer Summits.


Real-time GIS: Mapping and Analytics

View the recording from our past webinar, Real-time GIS: Mapping and Analytics.