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Track location in real time for just $5 per month.*

Real-Time Location Tracking

Tracker is a mobile solution that gives organizations the power to capture the movement and tracks of their workforce in the field, monitor where they are, and analyze where they have been. Tracker gives decision-makers real-time location intelligence to support critical field activities and analyze their field operational strategies — all in ArcGIS.

What Tracker for ArcGIS can do for you

Know where everyone is

See where your personnel are at any time to respond to unplanned events. Be confident they are on task and deployed over the relevant area.

Detect patterns

Discover what areas are covered and others that may be neglected. Assess the integrity of grid patterns when performing map-based search operations.

Promote efficiency

Empower supervisors to view tracks for operational insights. Use track analysis with contextually relevant data to optimize field productivity.

Enable collaboration

Use track analysis to inform planning and coordination of field activities. Provide data to support collaboration and enforce operational standards.

Get the benefits of ArcGIS

Your location track data is owned by your organization within the secure and reliable ArcGIS platform. You have control of who can access track data.

How Tracker works

Tracker for ArcGIS mobile app

Mobile users control when they are tracked. The app records tracks even with no data connection and with minimal battery impact.

Track Viewer web app

Administrators and those with permission to view tracks can explore, visualize, and interrogate tracks using the web app.

Location tracking layer

With location tracking enabled, tracks are stored and managed as point features within ArcGIS.

Case study

2019 Tournament of Roses Parade and Rose Bowl

The Pasadena Fire Department used Tracker for ArcGIS as part of its security strategy to keep spectators and participants safe during the festivities.

Read the case study

Let Tracker give you a real-time advantage in the field

Curate location-powered data to improve your operational strategy.
Contact us to get started with Tracker for ArcGIS Online or Tracker for ArcGIS Enterprise.
*Billed annually at $60 per license.