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Space planning for COVID-19 recovery

ArcGIS Indoors leverages a set of tools that modernize your floor plan data management by bringing building information modeling (BIM) and CAD into the geospatial environment. This facilitates better space planning across the portfolio and engages occupants involved in new seating arrangements and protocols. The solution is an easy-to-deploy software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering with as many secure user identities as needed.

ArcGIS Indoors brings spatial analytics inside the building to deliver the insight decision-makers need to ensure workplace safety. 

Adapt to the new workplace norm

Due to the global pandemic, organizations must properly plan how their indoor space is used to ensure safety of their employees. With ArcGIS Indoors, organizations have a solution to modernize floorplan data management, facilitates better planning across the portfolio.
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How it works

ArcGIS Indoors tools convert BIM and CAD data into geospatial data. The geodatabase manages floor plans, inventory data, personnel information, space measurements, and so forth, which GIS displays as maps, charts, graphs, and images. 

ArcGIS Indoors is also available as software as a service (SaaS) via ArcGIS Online. which streamlines deployment and secures information with assigned access. By hosting in the ArcGIS Online cloud, it eliminates the step of setting up your own on-site server infrastructure and reduces the cost and effort to get started. 

Indoor Space Planning and Management

Developer resources support customization, implementation, and system integration to curate indoor maps for key stakeholders and use templates to quickly configure apps that support specific workflows. The new app template Space Planner illustrates social distance measures as an analytical layer to facilitate planning.

Space Allocation
Support what-if scenario planning by allowing users to make modifications in a new plan. The new plan can be merged with the initial one and autopublished to the rest of the organization in Indoors Web Viewer and Mobile App.
Space and Office Assignment
Use the buildings or floor levels filter to view the clear space layout and create a new seat arrangement on a seamless multibuilding, multisite map. Search for the employee's name and perform a simple drag-and-drop operation by moving the name onto the space on the map.
Office Hoteling and Conference Room Booking
With the Mobile Workplace app, employees can easily book a temporary office spot or meeting room with different criteria (e.g., office with window), and then get navigated through indoor wayfinding functionality once they're on-site.
Meeting Scheduling
Support booking systems in a map-centric mobile experience via an Office 365 integration. Scheduling meetings or making changes to them will automatically synchronize with your Outlook calendar and vice versa.

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