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Predict future outcomes with ready-to-use demographic data

For 50 years, Esri's expert team of demographers and data scientists have provided updated demographics derived from US Census data. Released annually, updated demographics include a variety of datasets accessible through tabular format, reports, ArcGIS data tools, and apps. Esri is committed to offering quality US Census data as it becomes available and provides current and five-year demographic projections.

When will 2020 US Census data be available?

Esri is dedicated to making US Census data available in a timely manner. As Census data becomes available, Esri's expert team of demographers and data statisticians will create ready-to-use demographic maps, reports, infographics, and tabular datasets.


Preparing for US Census 2020

The goal of the US Census is to "count everyone once, only once, and in the right place." Learn how to participate from Esri's chief demographer.

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