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Usability Study Media Release and Nondisclosure Agreement

We appreciate your interest in participating in this Usability Study ("Study") for Esri. In this session, you will be working with a software product or website in its development stage. Certain terms and conditions will govern your participation in the Study session. Please read the terms and conditions below and indicate your acceptance.

Esri regards the information it will disclose in this Study as commercially sensitive, proprietary, and confidential ("Confidential Information"). As a Study participant, you agree to hold such Confidential Information in strictest confidence. You agree to make no other use of this Confidential Information whatsoever, nor will you

  • Reveal anything about the product/website design before it has been publicly released by Esri.
  • Disclose any comments, options, or observations through blogs, social media, or other web-based media.
  • Discuss your experience with other Study participants prior to their participation.

Esri will use video/audio media to record this Study session. The recording is solely for Esri's internal use and will be the sole property of Esri. As a Study participant, you

  • Grant Esri full permission and consent to record the Study session.
  • Release, discharge, and hold Esri and all persons acting under its authority harmless from liability for any blurring, distortion, alterations, and/or optical illusions that may occur.
  • Release, discharge, and hold Esri and all persons acting under its authority harmless from any claims of invasion of privacy arising from the use of the recordings.

Your obligation of confidentiality will terminate upon the commercial release or launch of the product/website by Esri, or one (1) year after the acceptance date, whichever occurs first.

We appreciate your strict adherence to this Agreement.