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ArcGIS for Developers Webinar Series

Learn how developers can leverage the various developer environments Esri technology operates in.

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Leverage Esri’s developer tools to help deliver best-of-class applications

Join us for this two-part webinar series featuring Esri’s developer tools. Part one of the series will highlight the developer ecosystem in its entirety and explain what recent changes mean for APIs and business models. Part two will focus on national security developers building applications for the operational environment. Both webinars will offer a variety of demonstrations of the tools, sample applications, and use cases.

ArcGIS for Developers

Location: Online Webinar

Over the last 10 years, ArcGIS has been redesigned to maximize all the environments it is used within: cloud, web, native, and traditional desktop and server environments. This creates new opportunities for developers to build on top of or extend ArcGIS. This webinar will go over the major changes in ArcGIS by exploring the tools, APIs, and business models that are now available to developers. Tailored for developers, program managers, and product managers, the webinar will include demonstrations to highlight the benefits of this services-based architecture.

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ArcGIS for Developers - A National Security Focus

Location: Online Webinar

Building on the previous webinar, this presentation will focus on how the ArcGIS system and developer APIs are uniquely positioned for building systems for the operational environment. Developers, program managers, and product managers new to ArcGIS will learn how it is an open system that provides both a geospatial infrastructure and APIs that can be used to build a digital twin of the operating environment. The webinar will include success stories and demonstrations of use cases that feature intelligence preparation for operations, integration with game engines for decision support, and the use of GIS for operations and situational awareness.

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