Tips to apply ARP funding for planning initiatives

Federal relief funding for the COVID-19 pandemic recovery provides planning professionals with an opportunity to invest in and advance the use of technology. Geographic information system (GIS) technology is positioned to help you respond to new challenges, restore communities, and enhance quality of life for citizens. But navigating how to align funding with your local priorities can be overwhelming.

Hear from Keith Cooke, Esri’s planning and community development industry manager, and Jason Jordan, the American Planning Association’s director of government and policy affairs, about how American Rescue Plan (ARP) funding can be used for planning and economic development initiatives. In this webinar, you will learn how to

  • Deploy readily available solutions that align with federal initiatives.
  • Use funding to create new opportunities and advance your community development operations.
  • Innovate and adapt at a remarkable pace.
  • Prioritize equity and inclusion when budgeting and resource planning.

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