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Use imagery to disseminate meaningful information and drive decision-making

Organizations use imagery daily for visualization and reference purposes, but visualization is only one of the many ways that imagery can deliver value. Our latest agriculture and forestry joint webinar focused on how imagery can provide greater insight and influence better decision-making.

Key Takeaways

Content Discovery

Authoritative, ready to use imagery layers and apps are available to enrich map visualization and help bring greater insight to your analysis

Analysis Beyond Visualization

Use remotely sensed data and raster analytics in the cloud to perform industry specific analysis that can greatly influence decision-making

Imagery uses in agriculture include the following:

  • Field Operations
  • Multi-spectral crop health
  • Vegetative health field scouting
Imagery uses in forestry include the following:
  • Replanting inspection
  • Prioritization urban tree planting locations
  • Carbon inventory change detection
  • Forest stand and road inspection

Democratizing Imagery Throughout Your Organization

ArcGIS is a comprehensive imagery system that includes image and raster analysis tools to help you understand the insights behind your data. You can then disseminate those insights to executives, team members, and contractors through a simple web browser.

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