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Drone operators and business owners can now achieve greater operational efficiencies with ArcGIS Drone Collections to meet project requirements, collect and analyze drone data for authoritative intelligence, and improve communication with key stakeholders. Minimize time to get critical intelligence, and leverage Site Scan for ArcGIS elastic cloud processing capabilities to deliver timely decisions with ArcGIS Drone Collections.

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What does your drone project look like?

We have you covered from scalable solutions for users ranging from small operators up to enterprise-wide drone programs. Our ArcGIS Drone Collections deliver seamless workflows, from drone flight planning and image capture all the way to informed answers.

Fly + Visualize

Leverage ArcGIS to transform drone image capture.

  • Optimize flight planning.
  • Process drone imagery faster.
  • Automate 2D/3D mapping outputs.

Learn more about the Drone Mapping Collection

Produce + Analyze

Take drone image analysis to the next level.

  • Optimize image analysis with deep learning tools.
  • Enhance field operations with GCP auto capture. 
  • Generate authoritative mapping products.

Learn more about the Drone Mapping and Analysis Collection

Cloud-Based Analysis

Perform analysis anytime, on any device.

  • Efficiencies gained with multitenant architecture
  • On-demand scalability for drone data processing
  • Faster analysis, using deep learning toolkits

Learn more about the Online Drone Mapping Collection

Scale Operations

Enterprise-scalable operations made easy with:

  • Optimized drone data management
  • Dynamic image services for fast data delivery
  • Organized, project-based work environment

Learn more about the Enterprise Drone Mapping and Analysis Collection

What is a Collection?

A pre-packaged configuration of ArcGIS products specifically tailored for your drone projects. Includes ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Drone2Map, and Site Scan for ArcGIS which offers capabilities to collect, process, analyze, manage, and share intelligence for informed business decisions.

Drone Mapping Collection
Ideal for stand-alone drone operators who want to capture data autonomously, process on local desktop, and then share 2D and 3D data outputs to ArcGIS Online.
Drone Mapping and Analysis Collection
Ideal for organizations with small drone programs that require desktop processing with additional visualization, exploitation, management, and analysis capabilities.
Online Drone Mapping Collection
Designed for organizations that require a premium cloud processing and analysis solution with the right tools to scale any size drone fleet operation.
Enterprise Drone Mapping and Analysis Collection
Designed for Enterprises that require a hybrid cloud implementation to meet drone program requirements sustain a scalable drone fleet operations program.

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