Why we love it

Old steam trains rock! Maps of their routes take us back in time to imagine how things might have been a hundred years ago. We love this map of the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad for bringing history to life. It began as a strip map, intended to be rolled into a scroll or folded accordion-style so passengers could pan the route while riding the train. Now the Story Map Journal includes pictures, videos and interesting notes so anyone can experience the journey.

Why it works

The narrow strip map provides focus on the railroad, allowing for larger scale and better detail in contrast to a rectangular, poster-sized print map. This map offers a similar benefit on the web using the Story Map Journal template with the original strip map over a background basemap. The map makes “stops” at various locations via journal entries. Its yellow-brown background hillshade evokes the dryness in this region of Colorado and New Mexico. Climb aboard at either end of the railroad and enjoy the ride between Antonito and Chama.

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