Why we love it

The glaciers that shaped so much of North America and other continents left enduring marks on the state of Washington, particularly in the Puget Lowland region. The map, entitled Glacial Landforms of the Puget Lowland, peels away a green carpet of trees and soil to reveal amazing features the glaciers left behind. A focus on six distinct geologic examples educates and intrigues. We love how this map relies on minimal moving parts: your eyes and your curiosity. 

Why it works

This map works because it pays attention to detail in color, contrast, and layout. The marginalia hug the curves of the glaciers’ paths. The callouts deftly reveal evidence that a casual observer might otherwise miss. The map’s labels are legible, but do not visually distract from the focus on the underlying terrain. Viewers become intrigued by glacial geology, motivated to look for more drumlins, mounds, kettles, eskers, outwash channels, and fault scarps.

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