Why we love it

Maps of accessibility show the distribution of people in a city and the transportation networks around them. We love how this map puts a destination into the story: jobs. It’s no longer just about how close you are to a transit stop, but rather how many jobs you might access once you get on that bus, subway, or train. How many jobs are within your reach? How far do you have to travel to get to the workplace? 

Why it works

The purple-to-green contrast instantly pin-points areas of high or low job accessibility. You can also see the subtle transition zone of everything in between. The juxtaposition of the transit access map with the job accessibility map adds a nice touch by providing detailed transit locations and walkable distances to each stop. It also illustrates how transit connects people to what they need. In this case it’s jobs.

Important steps


Tips and tricks

Jennifer D. Bell, storyteller and mapmaker

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