Why we love it

The Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) is designed to safeguard Earth’s biologically richest and most threatened regions. CEPF is a joint initiative of l'Agence Française de Développement, Conservation International, the European Union, the Global Environment Facility, the Government of Japan, the MacArthur Foundation, and the World Bank. Maps serve as a great way to reach the organization’s global audience. We love this map of conservation efforts in Madagascar for its exceptional cartographic quality. The map gives us a clear picture of work being done across a large area.

Why it works

This map works because it uses visual hierarchy to help tell the story of conservation priorities in Madagascar. Darker colors symbolize which sites are funding priorities. Reference information does not overwhelm us. Instead it provides enough context to orient anyone looking at the map. Masking helps maximize legibility of the labels and declutter parts of the scene. 

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