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Why we love it

Population is so much more than numbers. Its growth drives demand for housing, jobs, food, education, transportation, and services. Its decline puts pressure on local business, government, housing, and people. We love how this map shows the growth/decline pattern and gives a sense of urban, suburban, and rural population density. It illustrates the story that most US cities are emptying out in an ever-expanding bubble called the suburbs.    

Why it works

This map could be used as a backdrop for any organization showing locations, services areas, or other subjects. It shows you population growth and decline in a clear light. Red areas will lose population by 2015, while green areas will grow. Darker green areas will grow more than 1.25 percent per year. You can click on the map for details about an area. There is also a simple app showing this web map. You can download the data from the map package.

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