Why we love it

The world is large and maps are small. Cartography is a process of knowing what is essential and what is not. We love how this map uses a muted dark basemap to showcase information that’s pertinent to cyclists. We can clearly see the locations of bike paths and parking, plus light rail transit stops and lines to coordinate cycling/rail combo trips. This map tells an integrated story relevant to cyclists and commuters.

Why it works

At a glance we can see both the locations and amount of bike parking in downtown Portland. This makes it easy to judge the likelihood of finding parking once you get there. Even better, the scale of the map makes it possible to tell which side of the street to go to. The colors, sizes, line weights, and opacity amounts help focus our attention on the most important aspects of the map; meanwhile supporting information is offered beneath.

Important steps


Tips and tricks

Headshot of Allan LaFramboise, geo developer

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