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The Vision Zero program aims to eliminate deaths and serious injuries on Portland streets by 2025. We love how this map helps city officials reach this goal by representing the problem geographically and thematically. It shows traffic crashes by category (pedestrian, car, bike) in a tabbed Story Map. Areas most prone to crashes are defined for each mode of travel. By clicking on intersections, you can see details-on-demand. This visualization helps determine where to prioritize improvements to reduce injuries and fatalities.

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The clever use of hollow orange proportional symbols for fatalities and solid gray circles for serious injuries allows us to see subtleties that would have been masked had the data been aggregated. Reusing these colors in the charts creates a connection with the map and shows accidents over time. The simple color palette, in conjunction with a muted basemap, sets the tone and aligns with branding for the City of Portland and the Portland Bureau of Transportation. This map grabs our attention, feels approachable, and imparts knowledge.

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